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  1. General Plans A, B, C: Summary Plan Description Brochure
  2. General Plan D: Summary Plan Description Brochure
  3. General Plan E: Summary Plan Description Brochure
  4. General Plan G: Summary Plan Description Brochure
  5. Safety Plans A, B: Summary Plan Description Brochure
  6. Safety Plan C: Summary Plan Description Brochure
  7. General Plan G: New Hire Welcome Package
  8. Safety Plan C: New Hire Welcome Package
  9. Affidavit of Minor Student For Continuing Benefit
  10. Name Change Form
  11. Address Change Form
  12. Q&A: Special Durable Power of Attorney and Application Form
  13. Beneficiary Designation Form
  14. Beneficiary Designation for Ex-Spouse Form
  15. Community Property Brochure
  16. Purchasing Previous Service Credit Information & Application
  17. Q&A: Plan E Elective Cola
  18. Q&A: Purchasing Service Credit
  19. Withdrawal/Reciprocity Brochure
  20. Rollover/Transfer Certification Form
  21. Pre-Retirement Guide
  22. Introduction to Retirement: 7-Step Reference Card
  23. Request to Rescind or Change Retirement Date Form
  24. Disability Retirement Plans A, B, C, D Brochure
  25. Disability Policies & Procedures: Disability Applications Brochure
  26. Procedures for Disability Retirement Hearings Brochure
  27. Employee Disability Retirement Package
  28. Survivor (Service-Connected Death) Package
  29. Employer Disability Retirement Package
  30. Survivor & Death Benefits Information Card
  31. Q&A: Death & Continuing Benefits
  32. Survivor (Service-Connected Death) Package
  33. Direct Deposit Brochure and Application
  34. Federal & CA Income Tax Withholding on Retirement Income (W-4P, DE4P) Form
  35. Payday Planning Calendar
  36. Retired Public Safety Officer Affidavit Form: $3,000 Healthcare Tax Benefit
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